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Big Data Products

Big data as the name suggests is “Large amount of data”. For an organization it is a collective information about its activities, customers, products and suppliers.

There are 2 major concerns which the companies face while handling big data:
  1. Managing data: Several companies have been looking for ways in which they can store and manage data. Some use open source frameworks like Hadoop for storage and analysis of data. Some also consider storing data on cloud or on premise.
  2. Delivering Value: For companies to take advantage of all the data they have it is extremely necessary for them to adopt advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. Advanced analytics includes techniques of predicting what the future of their business will be, on the basis of existing data rather than generating reports from the past. The beauty of machine learning algorithms is that it has the ability to create precise models for guiding future actions that have not been thought of before.
How to deal with the data challenge?

For choosing the right software, the companies need to consider the following points:

  1. Consider best machine learning technique: Instead of traditional techniques they should consider analytic solution based on machine learning because the size and variety of big data is unpredictable.
  2. Security: When it comes to data storage, security plays a vital role. Businesses should consider using software that uses encryption techniques to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.
  3. Speed: For real time analysis speed is an important factor. In fast growing business environment it is very necessary that data from primary sources be transferred to other sources quickly to ensure real time analysis. Thus, the computing systems should be such that the changing requirements be accommodated along with the already necessary requirements like reliability, and backup.
  4. Object based storage system: Big data may surpass the threshold limit of the storage system. As a result object based storage systems should be developed to easily scale large volumes of data as data objects within a single managed system.

However, there is no one solution to any problem hence the companies need to be extremely careful before choosing the solution that best suits their requirements.

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