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Low Cost Software Development
Low Cost Software Development

We believe in value software solutions. That means we can be low in cost and high quality. We are a flexible modern software company offering a range of services. That’s part of the solution to high value software, our ability to meet your requirements efficiently. It means we stay on top of the best techniques and processes in software development and we constantly look to gain more for every moment we work.

We are flexible
We Are Flexible

Increased Efficiency: Our current client had a manual task of constructing and generating an excel report. The report was required 5 times a day and took approximately 2 hours. This task was run 250 business days of the year. Through our tool the task now runs automatically and is delivered through a scheduler. The organisation has saved 2 months of manpower that is now applied to more core business activity, which gained nearly an efficiency of 17%.

Increased client reactivity: The client receives electronic requests for quotes on email. Previously the client would evaluate each quote and send replies. This process was automated to deliver instant professional pdf reports with the latest pricing. A full headcount was saved and re-applied to business generation activity.

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