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Software Development

Software development is a skilled process constantly changing as technology advances. It is driven by a demand to automate, understand and connect processes and people.

Central to our software development process is a deep understanding of the requirement and objective of our clients, a clear analysis of the domain and then expert application of technology through a team with experience in delivering best of breed technology solutions.

We understand that technology is a ever changing process and while expertise is paramount equally important is proper processes and management of the technology objective. That means we focus on how to do things right and then allow our experts to implement the requirement functionality that brings your product to fruition.

Automation Software

Automation software is being used by businesses to reduce the costs associated with completing particular processes. It’s a way of reducing labour intensive activities, or business process optimisation.

Harptec have provided solutions that:

Increased Efficiency: A current client has a manual task (constructing and generating a excel report) required 5 times a day and taking approximately 2 hours. This task was run 250 business days of the year. Through our tool the task now runs automatically and delivered through a scheduler. The organisation has saved 2 months of manpower that is now applied to more core business activity, a efficiency gain of nearly 17%.

Increased client reactivity: The client receives electronic requests for quotes on email. Previously the client would evaluate each quote and send replies. This process was automated to deliver instant professional pdf reports with the latest pricing. A full headcount was saved and re-applied to business generation activity.

Read more about how your business could achieve Process Optimisation.

Robust Software Development

High value quality software requires understanding the client requirement, experienced project management, applying the right methodologies and professional product delivery.

At Harptec we believe in a principled approach delivered through the latest technologies.

With over 15 years’ experience in delivering mission critical backbone software to core web concept sites we have a track record of delivering value. We are technologists at our core, so we understand the deep detail as well as the big picture.

Project management

We employ Agile (Scrum), a process framework that has been used to manage complex product development and we can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

We offer the flexibility to build software for a range of environments. We are equally happy to take a requirement and produce a solution or work iteratively with the client on evolving products. Whatever the conditions we will ensure that product quality and business value are not compromised.

Using our internal PMetric system we have automated the management of software development, as you would expect a software company to do, so that as a client you have transparency and clarity on the Harptec process. Learn more about PMetric.


Time and valuable clients need to be fully in touch with the project. We have worked in some of the fastest paced and aggressive environments in industry so we understand how to work with you efficiently. From day one you’ll see we’re little different and that’s because we have learned how to work with clients through our own experience.

Quality Products

Quality is a Harptec’s principle. It’s an ongoing commitment to seek the best in everything we do. We want the responsibility, pressure, challenge and opportunity to produce quality solutions. We know we will serve our clients better tomorrow because we think this way.

Learn more about how we deliver quality products.

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